Evan Murray Remembered

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Half of Washington Township was at Faith Discovery church saying goodbye to Evan Murray.

Murray died due to internal bleeding from laceration of the spleen, after taking a few hits while playing football for Warren Hills High School last weekend. 

Washington Avenue was quiet Wednesday, though shops were open.

Evan popped into Frantoni Men's Shop with his mom last year.

"I had that young man in here, he rented a tux from me," said store owner Tony Strillacci, "I met his mother, she was so proud of the way he looked and everything, so proud of him. I can't even get into their head of what they're both feeling right now. My heart goes out to them."

Tony added that when a kid like Evan dies in a town like Washington, everybody feels it.

Signs all over town echo that sentiment.

"Yeah. Even those that didn't know him or the family come together as a community," said Donna Kaufman, a pharmacy employee, "You want to support each other, because if something were to happen on your end, they'd be there to support you."

School is closed Thursday so those who knew Evan best can attend his funeral without a conflict.