Exclusive: Cab driver shot and killed, collides into parked car resulting in serious injuries

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In late August, taxi driver Imad Alasmar was shot and killed in Rahway, allegedly by the passenger he was driving, after he attempted to rob Alasmar.

The passenger is identified as Nathaniel Young, who has been charged with first-degree murder.

Immediately following the shooting, Alasmar's vehicle collided with a parked car, resulting in injuries to Stacey Lopez and her boyfriend.

"All of a sudden out of nowhere we heard these pops two or three pops then it came speeding towards us at full speed," said Lopez, “It felt like slow motion so I feel like I remember being thrust backyard and my arms going up like this, and next thing I knew I was just on the ground.”

Lopez was propelled out of the car and smashed onto the concrete. She broke her foot, shoulder blade, pelvis, six ribs, bones in her spine, and she fractured her tailbone.

She's had 10 surgeries so far, eight were on her foot alone.

Doctors suggested that she amputate her foot, but she is determined to save it.