Exclusive interview: "I'm an innocent man" Part II

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Keith Alford has been behind the walls of New Jersey State Prison for 35 years, serving two life terms for the murders of two women with days of each other in 1979.

Acting on an anonymous tip he received while still working as a homicide detective, retired Trenton Police Department Detective Gary Britton and Chasing News were interviewing Alford about the savage murder of Emma Jane Stockton, a socialite and descendant of a Declaration of Independence signer killed in her Trenton home in 1979.

On the last segment, Alford was about to answer whether or not he raped, tortured and murdered the 37-year-old Stockton, who was found with dozens of stab wounds, some made with a corkscrew and crocheting needle, burned and bound to a bed.

In this segment, he answers that question, as well as others about Emma Jane Stockton and Anna Mae Chicaleski, the 67-year-old Hamilton widow who he was also convicted of murdering just a few days after Emma Jane.

Throughout it all, Alford's demeanor is worth watching. As a skilled homicide detective and interrogator, Britton also shares his thoughts on what Alford said and how he said it.

Watch and decide for yourself.

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