Genny's progress: Medical marijuana update

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A New Jersey judge says an autistic teen cannot take medical marijuana on school grounds.

Roger and Lora Barbour of Maple Shade, New Jersey have been fighting for their daughter's right to take her prescribed medicine, medical marijuana, during school hours.

Sixteen-year-old Genny Barbour suffers from epilepsy and autism.

Parents say Genny's seizure symptoms are almost completely reduced through four doses of medical marijuana a day.

"We have conversations now, I mean they are very simple,” said Lora Barbour, Genny's mother, "But I can actually have a conversation with Genny now."

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of NJ, but a judge says the medicine is not legal on school grounds.

The judge cited the federal government's Drug Free School Zone law as his reasoning since the FDA continues to list medical marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic.

Genny's dad and attorney, Roger Barbour, says he will appeal the decision. 

Citing New Jersey's medical marijuana laws, Roger says a registered caregiver should be allowed to administer the drug in school.