Ghosts down the shore?

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Keyport, New Jersey's haunted past is on display this Halloween.

Jersey Shore Ghost Tours is sharing the town's unsolved mysteries during its weekend walking tours. 

Tour guides take visitors on a spooky voyage around the town, dishing on the town's rich history that, apparently, still comes out to play. 

"There's a home along this street where the homeowner believes the sea captain would climb into bed with her at night," said tour guide Genny Kelly.

Kelly said the spooky tales are verified after extensive research into old newspaper clippings and history books. 

She believes the ghosts have remained in the area as a result of tragic deaths and unresolved burials.

Community members have also confirmed the ghosts' appearances. 

"They often see a Civil War solider standing in the room of their child," said Kelly, describing a house in the community, "Years later, after they moved out, they had another family move in and that family, too, saw the same ghost in their child's bedroom."

Jersey Shore Ghost Tours offers guided walks in Red Bank as well.

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