Graveyard of boats

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Say goodbye to the decaying boats in NYC's waters, or at least some of them.

NYC has begun its cleanup of deserted boats left over from Hurricane Sandy, three years after the storm took place. 

NYC's Parks Department has hired Custom Marine to carry out the project, using money from FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, to pay for it. 

"It takes a long time to do vet out the different vendors through the bidding process," said York Begin-Pugh of NYC's Parks and Recreation Department. 

The crumbling vessels not only are an eyesore, they also have the potential to leak fuel and oil into the waters.

Custom Marine began the project in the Bronx and is now working in Brooklyn's Gerristen Beach area. 

Workers are expected to finish in Brooklyn come January, but don't expect all the boats to be removed.

Experts say the area has become a dumping ground for used-up boats and FEMA has no responsibility to come and pick them up.

"So, one thing we've seen is that when we are out on the field now there seems to be a lot more boats here than when we first surveyed the area for FEMA," Bergin-Pugh said.

The cleanup will not take place in waterways not owned by New York City.