"Grease" dance extra raises money for potential reunion

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A dance extra from the 1978 hit movie "Grease" is making a name for himself in the Bronx.

Ricci Campbell, 62, has signed more than 500,000 autographs over the past decade, introducing himself to fans on the touristy streets of Arthur Avenue.  

"Hi, have you seen 'Grease'?” Campbell asked a passer-by, "I'm one of the actors."

Now, in a motorized wheelchair as a result of Parkinson's disease, he said the outings are therapy. 

Fans rarely recognize Campbell at first, but a photo of him with John Travolta quickly changes that.

Before long, he has signed dozens of photos, receiving small donations in return.

Campbell says the outings are raising money for his mission to host a 40-year reunion for the "Grease" cast. 

But first, he must get the attention of one person to make it all happen: Oprah.

"She loves John Travolta," Campbell said, “She can make anything happen."