Greenwich House helps people in New York City

A senior center in New York City provides warmth for seniors that have no where else to go.

Jimmy Tarangelo is one of those people who uses the Greenwich House.  He lives in a van on the streets near the center. The native New Yorker parks his mobile home on Clarkson Street in the West Village and moves it only for street cleaning.

Founded in 1902 as a settlement house to help New York’s increasing immigrant population adjust to life in a new country, today Greenwich House offers programs in social services, arts and education that provide thousands of New Yorkers with personal enrichment and cultural experiences.

Greenwich House programs are a valuable resource to our neighbors and those who work in, visit or seek care in the Village.  Whether it is a class at the Music School, Pottery, After-School or Summer Arts Camp, socializing at one of our senior centers, counseling at the Children’s Safety Project or treatment at the Chemical Dependency Program, our professional, well-trained staff ensures that everyone receives the care and service they need to live a more fulfilling life. Each individual at Greenwich House— be they educators, artists, social workers, students, therapists, volunteers or donors—helps to contribute to this unique, caring community of friends and neighbors in New York.