Halloween t-shirt stirs up controversy

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People are up in arms about the "boo bees" t-shirt at the Bee Tween store on Staten Island, New York.

As the t-shirt sits on a mannequin in the store window overlooking Forest Avenue, it is completely sold out.

However, some people are questioning whether the shirts are appropriate for preteens, after all that is who mainly shops at the store.

Store owner Janine Detore's daughter Jeannie came up with the idea.

"I was thinking that it's fun and everybody's transitioning in this store," Jeannie said, "So why not make it even funner? It's Halloween time and our logo is a bee, so, 'boo bees' --  it was perfect. "

According to the New York Post, some parents who disapproved of the T-shirts preferred to speak anonymously for fear of mob retaliation.

Janine is the sister of Big Ang, the breakout star on "Mob Wives.” It's a reality TV show about women with mob connections living on Staten Island.

Big Ang's late uncle was a Genovese crime family capo.

Janine explained what she thought of people not wanting to speak out against her.

"There’s controversy saying that they’re insulted over it because they find it offensive. If you find it offensive, then don’t buy it,” Janine Detore said, “I think it's totally absurd like all of a sudden what did we become the local hit women of Forest Avenue? It's stupid.”