Help for the homeless

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According to the New Testament Jesus says, "He is the bread of life."  In North Philadelphia those words come to fruition at the Chosen 300 Ministries at 11th and Spring Garden streets.

Their mission is to help those in need by finding themselves through faith and also provide vital services like food and clothing.

Shandai Jenkins walks the streets most Tuesdays going from shelter to shelter to welcome primarily men to come for a midday Bible study, followed by a hot meal. 

Jenkins says that any given day there are 6,500 people homeless on the streets on Philadelphia and that doesn't include squatters or those staying in shelters.

Chosen 300 is a faith-based organization that receives private funding.  Many of the men say the best part is receiving the word.

"It's really good because Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, so I need to get as close as I can with our Lord and Father God," Richard Douse said.

"When I came here I needed the lord.  I needed to repent.  Chosen 300 has helped me do that," William Burden.

Many of us are one paycheck away from being in the same boat.  So it's important to remember this is the season for giving.

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