Hidden NYC: The Garret

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There are places hidden in New York you might never know about. The Garret in West Village is one of them.

True New Yorkers know about this bar, but people who aren’t have no idea this place exists.

The only signs on the outside of the building are for Five Guys Burgers & Fries. However, The Garret is upstairs.

The hidden gem has a skylight, beautiful artwork, and the most expensive bathroom door in all of New York, valued at $20,000.

Artist Bradley Theodore has painted a colorful skull right on the fireplace as an interpretation of Kate Moss' Playboy appearance.

"The vibe in here is that you've walked into your uncle's West Village house. He's never had kids, but he's a world traveler, and he tosses the keys when he's away and you can throw a little house party with your friends that has a giant bar lobbed in the middle of it," owner Kyle O'Brien said.

The signature cocktails are tailored to fit your mood and are very playful.