‘High-heel friendly' subway grates

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New York City subway grates are a huge problem for women wearing heels, the heel falls through and cause women to trip and fall. But now there are new and improved sidewalk grates that are a lot smoother and easier to walk on.

Chaser Sibile tried out the ones on 55th Street between Park & Madison avenues.

As long as you're not wearing stilettos, you should be good to go.

“Probably a wedge I feel like it’s safe.  But Louie Vuitton’s or something like that, I wouldn’t risk it. Who wants to fall downtown in Manhattan?” NYC resident Kia Stewart said.

These new sidewalk grates are definitely a huge improvement on the old ones.

“They are also designed to be smoother if people in wheelchairs are going across the grates. So it’s designed with that in mind at the same time and it also has a lot benefits for those pedestrians wearing high-heeled shoes,” said MTA spokesperson Aaron Donovan.

The new sidewalk grates are a part of the $50 million ventilation system for the $10 billion East Side Access Project to connect the LIRR to Grand Central Station.

“The LIRR’s future connection into Grand Central Terminal, which is under construction now, it’s due to open in 2022 and this is part of a ventilation facility for the new tunnels that have been built underneath Park Avenue, underneath Grand Central,” Donovan said.