High-speed scavengers through NJ Highlands

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The New Jersey Highlands Coalition's fall road rally hit the streets Sunday to raise money for local grants. 

NJ Highlands covers 860,000 acres in Northern NJ.

Participants drive 60 miles through some of New Jersey's most beautiful countryside.

The annual rally began in Allamuchy at the historic Rutherford Hall, where 20 teams of drivers and navigators tested their skills and knowledge of the historic Highlands terrain.

After jumping in the car, you follow a sheet of directions, while answering questions along the way.

Julia Somers, New Jersey Highlands Coalition's executive director, explained that the rally is a way to show people how important the Highlands are to the state.

She said people don't always realize the Highlands are "remarkable for many reasons, but the primary is that 64 percent of New Jersey residents get some if not all their water from Highlands."

NJ Highlands also is a habitat for 137 endangered and rare plants. 

Participants raced for three hours, through the streets and hills of Northern New Jersey to reach the finish line in Ringwood. 

For more information on other fun events you can go to http://www.njhighlandscoalition.org.