Holiday Express

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Bringing the gift of human kindness, that’s how Tim McLoone founded Holiday Express.

Created in 1993, this nonprofit organization brings gift bags, music, food, gifts and financial support to those in need across New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Today, they have a large warehouse located in Tinton Falls, NJ, where they will be assembling 20,000 gift bags that will be filled with necessities for those in need this holiday season.

They will be visiting 81 locations this year.

“What we do is bring just a big party. So we have inflatables and people are just as elves what you would expect and we bring the food and we bring the gifts and then we’ve got a slammin’ band that is not sitting back there doing jingle bells,” McLoone said.

While other non-profits focus more on children, Holiday Express shows love to people that you might not normally think of.

“You think about all the adults that out there that get nothing and have nobody paying attention to them and what we refer to as ‘adult orphans’- people who are long since estranged from their families or their care givers have died and they just aged out that way,” McLoone said.

Holiday Express will host its 1,000th event this year.

They have two upcoming concert fundraisers on December 10th and 17th.

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