Homecoming queen's controversy

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Jae Irizarry, a transgender 17-year-old, is starting her senior year at Trenton Central High School as homecoming queen.

Irizarry was crowned as the school's homecoming queen at last weekend's football game.

Darren "Freedom" Green, a community leader and the football game commentator, said he heard the crowd cheering for her at halftime.

However, just after the event the rumors and accusations started flying.

Green said about 20 parents came up to him after the game upset, “They were aggravated about what they thought was something wrong."

Parents on social media were posting comments that they didn't agree Irizarry should be crowned, because up until this year she was a registered at the school as a male student and some posts even calling for a separate homecoming for LGBT students.

There were also accusations the vote was rigged by a teacher handling the ballots.

The school district responded in an email, "The vote was consistent with Trenton Central High School's protocol and procedure involved in making the annual determination of homecoming king and queen."

Green says that seeing the thoughtfulness of the students was inspiring for a school normally portrayed negatively in the news.