Illusionist nearly drowns when stunt goes wrong

Illusionist Spencer Horsman was rushed to the hospital after nearly drowning after failing a water escape stunt in New Brunswick.

The stunt was performed in front of the State Theater as a publicity stunt for Criss Angel's "Supernaturalists" show.

Horsman was chained and then went under water in a 30-by-30 inch tank.  It was covered by metal bars and then he was raised above the ground and was spinning as he tried to get out.

He managed to remove the handcuffs from his arms and legs but could not unlock the bars on top of the tank in time.

He was lowered and crews quickly removed the bars and pulled Horsman from the tank.

He was helped by EMS workers and taken to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital for evaluation.

In promoting the even, Horsman tweeted that he almost lost his life the last time he performed it.