Injured deer in NJ found and saved

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Where in New Jersey is the deer, Grace? That is the question making its way around the world thanks to a video.

The video shows a deer roaming around Monmouth County with an arrow lodged in her face

Now after 9 months, the search has come to an end.

New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection said it located Grace Tuesday morning in Marlboro.

The arrow could not be removed because the wound had healed and removing it could cause further injury, but the shaft was clipped to prevent it from becoming snagged on branches.

A petition on Care2Online went viral, urging for action from NJ's DEP.

The petition attracted more than 100,000 signatures from around the world.

The founder of the petition, Poh Hee Holmes, went into detail about why she started it. 

“Although Grace is in Pennsylvania, I’m sure people say ‘Why do you want to start this petition, you’re now where she is?’ But personally, I think trying to help wildlife or any animal shouldn’t have any borders. The hundred plus signatures I got well over agree that trying to save and help animals or wildlife should not have any borders at all,” Holmes explained.

DEP told Chasing News that she did not appear to be suffering, adding that she had given birth during that time period.