Inside a notorious McDonald's

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The fallout continues after a fatal shooting outside what's been dubbed a notorious McDonald's in Manhattan.

Chasing News took a look inside the bathroom, the place where drug use is reportedly rampant.

But first we had to purchase an item, which is unusual considering most people in the McDonald’s didn’t seem to be eating.

Security was on site and understandably concerned.  A security guard was stabbed there in 2011 and last year the NYPD was called there over 200 times. 

The owner of this franchise, Linda Dunham, was honored by the Ronald McDonald House Charities -- of which she is a life trustee and former board chair, for her work to improve the community.  Some in the community including regulars and recovering addicts are calling on her to act.

The McDonald’s is on 8th Avenue and was reportedly the site of a fight that turned into a shooting at a nearby subway station.