Is your job killing you?

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According to a major study conducted by University College London, people who work 55 hours a week or more have a 33 percent greater chance of stroke.

In an informal survey of the Chasing News staff, we learned that assignment desk editor Michael LaMarca is the most stressed member of the staff.

Now here's the science behind stress and work. 

The study showed that “workaholics” are at greater risk for a stroke.

The study also found that people who work a lot are less likely to work out.

Dr. Charles Simone of the Simone Protective Cancer Center in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, gave insight into how work life can be stressful.

"It seems to matter that the longer the time you work the things that you're looking for maybe fast foods to acquire food, maybe you rely on alcohol a little more. A sedentary lifestyle, a litte more. All these factors contribute to it," Simone said.

The study focused on more than a half million people, across three continents, and both men and women, of all ages and races.

Doctors say that this is finding is a matter of life or death.