Jewish Rutgers student finds swastika above door

Rutgers senior Sara Rosen was just coming back from the gym in January when she noticed a swastika sign over her door made out of duct tape.

This was at the Livington Apartments on Rutgers campus in Piscataway. She's no longer living where it happened.

Sara is Jewish and says it was a flat out attack and the culprits are her former roommates, who we tried to track down. She was so upset she called campus police.

"I mean I have family members who died in the Holocaust and one that happpened to survive. To say I was panicked, frightened ... those words don't even come close to describing what I was feeling," Rosen said.

She said there were a few things that led up to this ordeal: a dispute over dirty dishes and one roommate posted on Facebook a picture of Hitler on a book and wrote: "This will be interesting."

Rosen shared the police report in which the roommates told police it was a Buddhist peace symbol. Buddhists reached out to her on Facebook saying the symbol was misused and not used in context to their religion.

Rosen is even more furious with how Rutgers has handled this situation.

"I've been attending meeting after, meeting with deans, administration, conduct reps, and I've just been getting met with the same answers: 'Sara, this is an educational experience. Sara, boys will be boys,'" she said.

Rutgers has not responded to a request for comment but Joshua Cohen of the Anti-Defamation League says the university needs to speak out publicly against this incident.