Joe Piscopo mulls run for NJ governor

No joke, comedian Joe Piscopo says that he is seriously considering running for governor of New Jersey.  He confirmed the information on an appearance on Chasing News to promote a fund raiser for the Boys and Girls Club of New Jersey.

"They just want to see change.  They want us to rip up Trenton inside out and backwards," Piscopo says.

He says he will probably make a decision in January.  Piscopo says he was a Democrat until about 18 months ago.  He announced that he quit the party in a Washington Times op-ed piece.

He now considers himself an Independent but would run as a Republican.  Piscopo supported Donald Trump's campaign and appeared at a Tampa rally for Trump the weekend before the election.  He also attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.

Piscopo says he wants to bring low-level manufacturing to the state's inner cities.  The former Saturday Night Live star is currently a radio talk show host on AM 970.