Lion and tiger at Six Flags

Get ready for a cuteness overload! We recently spent some time with two little cubs! Chasing News was invited by Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ to meet some new additions to the Six Flags family, a Siberian tiger cub and a lion cub that are being raised right here in New Jersey.

Dr Ken Keiffer is the lucky veterinarian watching over these two. The lion cub was born in mid-November and one week later on Thanksgiving the tiger cub was born. They have yet to be named.

We helped feed these two little ones whose moms did not accept them.

Siberian tigers are on the endangered species list, with only 3,200 estimated to live in the wild according to the World Wildlife Organization. There are estimated to be less than 19,000 African lions in the wild and they are now being protected under the endangered species act.

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