Locks of love

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Six-year-old Amelia Shoty of Morganville loves ballet and gymnastics.

She also suffers from alopecia.

At age of 4, she knew something was wrong with her hair, “Umm it started to fall out in the shower”.

“I got kind of worried,” Amelia said.

That’s when she asked her mom if she had cancer.

Her mom told her that she had alopecia.

During school, she has been getting bullied because of her condition.

“A 5th grader walked up to me and said, ‘IS that you real head?’ And I started walking out of the bathroom without telling him anything,” Amelia said.

Just in time for Christmas, Danielle Grillo of Transitions Hair Solutions donated a wig to Amelia, a shoulder length, blonde, wavy wig.

“I’ve known this little girl her whole life, so I said I’ll do something, we’ll just do something,” Grillo said.

Amelia has a bright smile with a positive attitude on life, a true inspiration.