Love triangle murder trial deliberation

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When a jury goes into deliberations -- there's nothing to do but wait.

Court officers share quiet conversations, reporters scan their smartphones.  But it's a great time to review the facts of what the jury's deliberating.

In this case, did Tony Tung kill Robert Cantor, the lover of his estranged wife? 

Cantor was shot in the head in the bedroom, where he and Tung's wife, Sophie Meneut, first had sex, on March 6th, 2011.

Then Cantor's body was subsequently set on fire.

Tung has been jailed since his arrest in May 2012.

Prosecuting attorney Wayne Mello says absolutely, and he's outlined a litany of direct and indirect evidence backing up his charge. 

Mello touched on security video, the spyware that Tung put on his estranged wife's computer, and Tung's inability to account for his whereabouts during the hours when his wife was killed.

Defender Robert Kalisch says that's a load of nonsense, adding that he's raised several points of reasonable doubt that his client, Tung, killed anybody. 

How can the prosecution claim that his client is the killer, Kalisch asks, when they can't even prove that Tung was in Teaneck when the murder occurred?

The jurors could return with a verdict in five minutes, five hours or five days, and they alone will determine Tung's fate.