Man turns in Honda with 1,000,000 miles driven on it

How many miles are on your car's odometer? We bet it doesn't have as many as a car recently turned into Planet Honda in Union, New Jersey.

The dealership just received a 1990 Honda Accord Coupe that's been driven more than 1,000,000 miles!  The car has had only one owner.  They put on the equilavent of driving around the planet 40 times.

The odometer haS 6 numerals for miles so it flipped back to zero and now reads 373 miles on it.

But don't everyone start lining up to buy it -- management has no intention of selling the 26 year old vehicle. Instead, they plan on displaying it in their showroom for all to see.

Bill Feinstein, the president of Planet Honda NJ says they're treating it like a museum piece.

"We're having some signage being made up so customers know why we have this car on the floor," Feinstein says.

He says that every bit of required maintence was done at the dealership as recommened by Honda.  He says that the oil was changed every 3,000 miles.