May I have this dance?

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Roll Call Wheelchair Dance is changing lives.

The Rockland Based organization proves dance is possible for people of all ages and disabilities, teaching competitive, social dances to those restricted to a wheelchair.

Participants say the classes have brought them more confidence.

"When I go to weddings or any social event where there's a dance floor, I would sit there and do nothing," said Lindsey Tuman of New Jersey, "Roll Call has enabled me to participate."

An estimated 3.3 million Americans rely on wheelchairs every day.

Roll Call Wheelchair Dance is one of the few organizations of its kind based in the New York metropolitan area.
"We make an instant success because they leave the first class doing something they never thought they would do," explained Diana Discapolo, an instructor at Roll Call, "The confidence soars almost instantly and the trickle effect is that their family members are overjoyed because now there is this activity that's not related to a medical problem or anything negative."

These dance classes cover a variety of styles and even give the option for students to compete, needless to say they are pros.

A disability is often times only as paralyzing as you make it.

“Even though your confidence may not be, and you might be like ‘Can I really do this?’ I would just say think outside the box and just give it a try,” Tuman stated.

The classes are largely funded through the Rockland Independent Living Center.

If you wish to donate or learn more, you can visit the organization's website: