Meet Flemington boy's bat colony

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Eleven-year-old Jacob Williams of Flemington, New Jersey, shares his room with bats.

There is a colony between the inner and storm windows of his bedroom that has been there for years.

Jacob and his mom Sharon Ingarra recently witnessed one of the bats giving birth to two cubs.

"I noticed that one of them was doing something a little strange so I got my iPhone and I put it up and was just watching for a while being very patient and lo and behold this bat is obviously hanging on and pushing. And you can actually see that she was clearly giving birth," Ingarra said.

While the bat was giving birth it put its wings into a basket shape to catch the baby while still holding onto the window.

The Ingarra family is now collaborating with the New Jersey's Conserve Wildlife Foundation, and they have a live web-cam that streams on the foundations website.

After the bats were analyzed by the foundation, it turns out all of them are female, and either lactating or pregnant.

Bats usually give birth to one pup at a time.