Mystery in Randolph

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David Browne is no longer the superintendent of Randolph Township Schools as the board of education accepted his resignation Monday, nearly two weeks after Browne was burned in a garage fire at his Wyckoff home.

The board would say only that Browne decided to leave for the purpose of "retirement" and accepted a $62,000 severance deal that included three months' pay and unused sick and vacation time.

While the full reasons for Browne's departure are shrouded in mystery, the board's attorney said students' health and safety were never affected.

Following up on tips received at the school board meeting, Chasing News delved into the notorious Ashley Madison cheating website hack - and made a surprising discovery involving Dr. Browne.

Browne went on family medical leave Sept. 16, which was changed to administrative leave during a regularly scheduled board meeting held a few hours after the Oct. 13 fire.