Mystery: War memorial washes up on NJ beach

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New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection is searching for the owners of a World War II memorial that washed up on New Jersey's shore in June.

The memorial, consisting of an American flag, a flag pole, and a laminated tribute sign, washed up near Seaside Heights.

DEP found the relic during its Barnegat Bay Blitz, an annual beach cleanup in June. 

"It was soaking wet in the sand," said David Glass, the Deputy Commissioner of DEP, "We walked around the area to figure out if that's where the flag was planted and couldn't find any evidence if that's where it was previously."

The memorial honors Servicemen Jay Waltman and Charles Novara. 

DEP says they reached out to the Department of Veterans Affairs for more information, but were unable to get any clues.

Chasing News visited the gravesite of Charles Novara at Calverton National Cemetery on Long Island. 

Novara is listed as a veteran of the U.S Army Air Force, serving from 1943-1946, died in 2009. The cemetery office manager mentioned that they will contact his family members to try to find out some answers.

If you have any information, please contact NJ's DEP.