Naked man of Times Square

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The debate about woman baring their breasts in New York has been all the rage, with the story gracing the covers of New York tabloids and even national news publications.

We discovered a new angle to the naked debate: naked men. This week in Times Square we saw a completely nude adult male in bright body paint.  Wielding the paintbrush was famous body paint artist Andy Golub.

"It is legal to do what I'm doing in the entire city," Golub said.  "They make Times Square a public space.  As long as Times Square is a public space it's legal for me to paint here."

The model was covered in a base of white paint as he entered Times Square to technically avoid full nudity.

Golub and his model, unlike the now infamous naked women, were not asking for tips.

The NYPD has announced a special detail of 100 officers to patrol Times Square.