NBA 76ers and NHL Devils owner disrupts youth soccer game

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In Philly, he's known as the 76ers owner.

In North Jersey, he's known as the owner of the NHL Devils.

On Sunday night in Newark, he was known to a couple dozen kids as "The Guy Who Ruined Our Soccer Game."

Harris' helicopter landed on the soccer field at St. Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark just as two youth soccer teams were to begin a match.

The field is just a few blocks from Prudential Center, where Harris' New Jersey Devils were going into overtime.

Forty-five minutes after the game was to begin, it was canceled and the reason was obvious: Harris' chopper was still sitting midfield.

The incident was attributed to a scheduling conflict, and other helicopters use the field just as Harris did. 

Harris, a father of five, has since apologized, saying that he never intended to ruin the kids' soccer game.

Harris also invited both teams to join him as his guest for an upcoming Devils game.