New internet sensation

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Queens native Nicholas Fraser is a 21 year old with just a backyard and a toilet, but that was enough for him to become one of the Internet’s biggest sensations.

On August 29th, Fraser posted a video on Vine set to the tune "Too Close” by 90's R&B group Next.

It went viral practically overnight, and now the video has been viewed roughly 40 million times.

“Where the masterpiece was made, my backyard,” Fraser explained, “I knew you were going to ask me that. This was a new toilet, but it wasn’t working so we had to put it outside for the garbage truck to take but the garbage truck didn’t take it. So it has been here for like a month, everything fell into place. I was like ‘Oh there’s a toilet outside let me out my foot on it and do something’ and then it’s like everybody keeps asking why the toilet is there and that they love it.”

The video has even been shared by music superstars Sean "Diddy" Combs and Chris Brown.

Fraser's claims his new-found internet fame has been good to him, "Every place I go, I'm VIP.”