NJ Black Mayors Alliance calls for national boycott of Trump's assets

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The New Jersey Black Mayors Alliance for Social Justice wants to freeze Trump's assets by calling for a national boycott of Trump's properties and businesses.

“He’s a self-financed candidate so any contributions that he takes in from people, like you and I, are being used to finance his campaign and we just think we should be able to cut that off. So we’re encouraging people to stop buying his products, stop supporting him to cut off the funding source,” said Logan Township Mayor Frank Minor (D) Logan Township, NJ.

Twenty-one black mayors in NJ have joined this national call for the boycott of Trump's properties because they want the public to realize that they can stop financing his campaign.

But why did they create it in the first place?

“We need to have a voice as the African community, we had to make sure our thoughts, and our desires, and our wishes are in request of being heard, and in a lot of cases they’re not being heard,” said Mayor John Washington (D) Penns Grove, NJ.

Mayor Jeff Hamiliton (D) Paulsboro, NJ explains the national ban on Trump and discusses the issue at hand.

“I feel that what Trump is doing right now is more or less a hate crime just in the political field. And one of my biggest things to me is that he’s trying to bring it back to the 60’s and we don’t need to go through this all over again,” Hamilton said.

Trump has insulted multiple groups of people during his campaign, such as women, men, the disabled, etc. So what is it about the insults to the black community that has them fired up?

“Well not just the black community… he’s left no one out and I think we think that what he says is very dangerous to our country,” said Minor. "We felt that Donald Trump is racist and bigoted and we decided that we would call for the national boycott of his assets and holdings.”

The mayors feel that it is in their right to call for this boycott of Trump, just like Trump has issued a boycott for Starbucks and Macy's.