NJ cop caught on video saying racial comments to 3 young Latinos

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Latinos in Passaic, NJ are upset over video of an interaction between a local police officer and a couple of residents.  

In the video, which was shot last year but released earlier this month on YouTube, Sgt. Roy Bordamonte, whose voice has been confirmed, can be clearly heard taunting three young Latino individuals.

The officer states he knows the individuals are" the children of Mexican immigrants," and goes as far to threaten finding the kids' parents and deporting them in an expletive filled rant.

The Acting Chief at the Passaic Police Department, Horatio “Ray” Carerra, confirmed that Sgt. Bordamonte was reassigned to desk duty but he’s not allowed on the streets as of now.

Sgt. Bordamonte is also still a supervisor for their Controversial Quality of Life program.

“We’re leaving it in the hands of authorities. We’re giving the Mayor and his administration and everybody involved. The full benefit of the doubt they’re going to do their due diligence and they’re going to have results that are favorable to our community’s safety and the well-being of the community,” Carerra stated. 

A Change.org petition asks for the removal of Officer Bordamonte from the police force.  There are over 2,500 signatures so far.

Currently, Bordamonte is pending an Internal Affairs investigation.