NJ man not allowed to park car overnight

Ken Klabouch bought his home on 24 Center St. in Midland Park, New Jersey in 2004. The house is small but cute and cozy.  The lot... it's tiny.

The house has no garage or driveway and almost touches the house to the left and to the right. Multiple properties surround the backyard, not a roadway. There is simply no space to even think about putting in a driveway or garage.

A simple solution would be to park in the street.  But the problem is that Midland Park has a borough ordinance banning all cars from being parked on any street from 2 to 6 a.m.  And it turns out that Klabouch is the only homeowner in the borough that is in this situation.

When he initially bought the house he had an agreement to use a neighbor's parking spot but they sold the house and the new owners did not agree to the parking situation.

Now, he's trying to sell but can't find a buyer.  He says when they find out about the parking situation, they don't want to have anything to do with the property.

Klabouch has tried twice to get a variance to park on the street but he says he has been rejected twice due to concerns emergency vehicles could not get down the street.  He says officials suggested they he jack up his entire house to create a parking spot under it.