NJ State Assembly bill could grant free beach access to veterans

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There's a bill working its way through the NJ State Assembly that would grant free beach access to veterans. 

It goes over pretty well at American Legion Post 348 in Brick.

"It doesn't cost local governments anything to let people on a beach for free," said veteran Manny Barros, who added that it's "the least they can do, really, to show their thanks for everything that veterans do."

And why not? Many Shore towns already offer free or reduced access to beaches. 

Note to viewers -- you have to pay to go to most Garden State beaches. 

In most cases vets have to go to a beach's town hall, show IDs, and maybe pay up in order to take advantage of any discount offered.

Otherwise, it costs $10 or more per person to access the beach in NJ.

Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo, one of the bill's sponsors, asks why not just show IDs at the beach?  "They could just show it at the beach access to the badge checkers.  They could just have quick access to the beach."

Skip Amundson is the commander of Post 348.  He can't see why the governor wouldn't sign it. "This is an election year, and this is a bandwagon that both Democrats and Republicans both could jump on board with."

The bill is sponsored by four Democrats, but it is co-sponsored by several Assembly Republicans, including Allison Littell McHose, Parker Space, and Scott Rumana.