NJ Transit recording audio and video on trains

NJ transit has been quietly recording audio of people's private personal conversations on the River Line light rail trains, as it plans to do on the Hudson-Bergen and Newark light rail trains.

There are notices at the stations that read, "Notice: Video and audio systems in use."

There are even signs on the train, but many people we spoke to hadn't read the signs and said they were uncomfortable with the audio surveillance.

"I think that's unacceptable," commuter Sinia Parker said. "As far as listening to other conversations, that's overboard."

NJ Transit interim executive director Dennis Martin said the audio surveillance systems were installed to fight terrorism.

"In light of terrorism attacks on mass transit facilities around the world, NJ Transit is availing itself of latest technology to deter that and always keeping in mind the privacy rights of our customers," Martin said.

But, the agency has not disclosed any written policies on the recordings.

When Chasing News asked Martin what they do with the recordings an aide interupted with "next topic."

The ALCU is criticizing the lack of transparancy on the recordings.  They are demanding that NJ Transit disclose how it is storing the audio and video.