No Hymen No Diamond trending on social media

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NoHymenNoDiamond. That's the hashtag trending on Twitter after the creation of the "No Diamond No Hymen" Facebook page.

The Facebook account notes, "If they weren't good enough for the one they gave it to, why would they be good enough for you?"

Many object the page and consider it immoral, sexist, and an affront to feminists.

Dean Esmay, a men's rights activist, however has a different perspective:

"To be blunt, it's gross and immature. However , it is unveiling something that we and others are seeing among young men in particular in society which is a growing frustration in relationships that women have a lot of expectations for men, but apparently the only expectation men are allowed to have is do whatever women find attractive," said Esmay.

The meaning behind this hashtag may be more so the fixation that society has of the diamond, not so much being a virgin when entering marriage.

Esmay adds, “If you look at the history of what the wedding ring represents or the engagement ring represent, it represents the man’s ability to buy things and do things for the woman and we’re still keeping that part of the pre-feminist social construct but we’re not saying but what do men get out of it? And a lot of men are frustrated by that especially young man I see it all the time in 20 something men all the time.”

The Facebook page has over 3,000 likes.