OKCupid's most desirable writes online dating book

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Ever wonder how to be popular in the online dating world?  If so, you're in luck!

There is a book called "Popular" hitting shelves by Lauren Urasek, who last year was named among of OKCupid's "4 Most Desired People" in New York.

In the book, Urasek chronicles her journey though the online dating world, everything from the good, the bad, and even the pervy.

"It is essentially a collection of funny, entertaining and crazy essays about my dating life and other women's' dating lives in New York City," she said

Urasek moved to NYC right out of High school to be a make-up artist and started dating online about 3 years ago.

She claims she went on about 2 – 3 dates per week, some worked but others were epic fails.

The book includes useful tips on setting up a good online profile, the pros and cons of dating and how to spot red flags.

“Be happily single and enjoy dating around whatever city you might be in,” Urasek stated. However, that’s easier said than done.

Urasek also mentioned that both men and women focus way too much on their careers, which can contribute to the reason why their dating life could be suffering.

“I refer it to as the Peter Pan syndrome in the book. It’s basically that guys don’t want to settle down or be in a relationship until they’re like late 30’s early 40’s,” Urasek added. 

You can check out her blog at www.theyreallysaidthis.com.