Oldest pro female boxer in history

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At 48, Alicia Ashley stands as the oldest professional female boxer. 

She's a four-time world champion, a title she will be looking to regain in late October. 

But, even if she walks away with the crown, Ashley won't earn nearly as much as the men.

"It's very depressing to know that the females fight for a title fight that can be anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. A male is six figures," Ashley said.

Some attribute the pay gap to fight times. Women can fight for only 20 minutes in the ring, while men can fight for 36 minutes.

The World Boxing Council, one of four organizations that sanctions professional fights, says the rules are in place largely for medical reasons.

The organization cites women's endurance, menstrual cycles, and their susceptibility to concussions.

"Guys get more injured than women do. This is not being backed up by medical research," Ashley said.

She also noted that women in the UFC or Ultimate Fight Club are fighting five-minute rounds. "And that, I feel, is a more brutal sport than boxing," she said.

Others agree.

"Male, female -- you get in the ring, you’re fighting," said Derric Rossy, a male professional boxer, "If you put butts in the seats, like most women do, then you should get equal pay."

Ashley fights sell out, which is quite an achievement since women often have to promote their own fights, unlike men.

“Everything else is politics, and yes I would like to get paid more that’s a definite, but that doesn’t take away from the love that I have for the sport,” Ashely said.

Ashley's next fight takes place Oct. 29 in Brooklyn with tickets starting at $50.

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