One night out cost a young mother her life

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Kiersten Cerveny seemed to have it all-- beauty, a family, and a successful career. But not all that glitters is gold.

From the top of the world in her $1.2 million home in Manhasset, Long Island to the bottom of a staircase in Chelsea, where Kiersten was found unresponsive early Sunday morning.

She was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital where doctors could not save her.

On Saturday evening, the hard working young mother told her husband that she was headed to a ladies night in Manhattan.

According to reports, Kiersten stayed out until 4 a.m. then came back to an apartment on West 16th street.

Surveillance cameras reportedly captured Kiersten entering with two men, one of which lives in the building.

Later on, it captures the two men carrying Kiersten down the stairs to the lobby.

One fled immediately while the other called 9-1-1 and took off shortly after.

One source inside the building is saying Kiersten was involved in a booze and drug fueled bash in one of the units.

The incident doesn't appear to be a robbery or a sexual assault at this time.

An autopsy was under way as of Monday.

Both Kiersten and her husband are dermatologists. She was educated at Tulane and got her medical degree at Duke. 

Kiersten was originally a New Jersey native where she was actually crowned America's Junior Miss in 1995.