One year since couple mysteriously found dead

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On the night of Sept. 27, 2014, New Jersey political power couple John and Joyce Sheridan went to bed inside their home in Montgomery.

Before sunrise the next morning, September 28, they were both stabbed and burned in a fire. Their bodies were found by firefighters sent into the house.

One year later, their sons are still feeling the pain of the loss, and searching for answers.

"Pretty much anybody who cared about my parents, it's been an excruciating year," Mark Sheridan said Friday.

In March, the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office released their findings: John Sheridan had stabbed his wife, then set the fire, then killed himself. The family has not accepted that determination.

Citing multiple errors made by the detectives and medical examiner's office, Mark Sheridan and his family have been fighting the ruling ever since.

Mark Sheridan, who followed in the footsteps of his father and became an attorney, is suing the prosecutor's office and medical examiner to change the findings.

John Sheridan's experience in and out of government included time as a deputy attorney general, lobbyist, State Transportation Commissioner and, at the time of his death, CEO of Cooper University Health Care.

Mark Sheridan said that, while going through his father's personal effects, he found information on dealings in Camden that he felt necessary to turn over to law enforcement.

"We found some documents that indicate my father was very concerned about some things that was going on outside Cooper hospital, not in Cooper hospital but elsewhere, that he thought were being handled inappropriately, and that he was adamantly opposing," Sheridan said.

Sheridan would not comment on which law enforcement agency he turned the matter over to, or provide further details.

Law enforcement officials had said John Sheridan appeared increasingly worried in the days before his death. That concern was initially chalked up to a report on the fatalities in the hospital's cardiac unit.