Package thief caught on camera

The soon-to-be first-time mom arrived home from work on Wednesday to discover that some packages delivered to her house had been stolen. She knew that they'd been delivered because her sister had seen them, but by the time Kristie got home, they were gone. Good thing she's got security cameras. "So we pulled the camera up and looked between 3 adn 5 and sure enough," the suspect, a woman "just strolls up the stairs and takes all the packages."

Kristie sent the video to Middletown Police because she wants to see the culprit arrested, she says, adding that she doesn't want anyone else to be victimized. Kristie's husband, Dan, installs security gear, so the family's set-up is top-of-the-line.

As it turns out, the culprit didn't need any maternity gear. They were found on Thursday, blocks away, near a mailbox, and Kristie says pretty much everything she'd been expecting has been recovered. The suspect is still on the loose, however, so if you recognize the woman who took the packages, contact Middletown Police.