Pistol-packin' pastors

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Two New Jersey pastors say they would like to have concealed carry permits to protect their churches.

Pastor Jeffrey Kovach of Calvary Bible Church in Mount Laurel is worried about safety.

“As time goes by I’m becoming more and more uncomfortable with the security of the church,” Kovach stated.

Kovach believes the antiquated gun laws in NJ are holding him back, along with the costly and difficult process of obtaining a concealed carry permit.

On the other hand, Pastor Kevin Bernat of New Life Assembly of Egg Harbor Township is in the middle of the process of getting a concealed carry permit.

“The founders of our constitution were godly men, who put that because the right of self-defense, I believe, is godly,” Bernat said.

Alexander Roubian, President of the NJ 2nd Amendment Society, noted the process is nearly impossible for many in NJ.

“Out of a state of 9 million people, you have about 1,600 people that have, that can still carry permits. Those are all judges, politicians, friends of the politicians and judges. The criteria is basically a de facto ban on conceal carry. You’d be more likely to see a unicorn then you are an average person having a concealed carry permit,” Roubian explained.

Roubian also mentioned that he believes under the current laws in NJ that these men will not receive concealed carry permits.

However, he feels that the Executive Order that Governor Chris Christie put forth is going to review NJ’s gun laws and maybe after that, there will be some changes.