Port Authority announces new policy for LaGuardia Airport

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There has been a large amount of homeless people in LaGuardia Airport. But with a new policy in place that’s about to change.

There were complaints by airport workers that the homeless were taking up the bathrooms, bathing there, and spending the night at the airport.

The Port Authority recently announced a new policy that will prevent the homeless from spending the night, which will be in effect on January 2nd.

The Port Authority stated, “To meet our public safety mandate, we will close the LaGuardia terminal to all but ticketed passengers during late night hours.”

There’s actually an embargo on flights from midnight until 6am at the airport already.

However, this will not affect travelers who have tickets. If your flight is delayed because of the weather and have to stay overnight you will be able to.

Those without tickets will not be allowed to stay overnight.

The Port Authority is going to strongly enforce this by using the police.