Port Authority opens international design competition for new bus terminal

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The 65-year-old Port Authority Bus Terminal, currently sitting at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue is the busiest bus terminal in the world.

It serves 200,000 travelers per day and 66 million passengers just last year.

Well, as of Thursday, its days are numbered, but not a specific number of days or years.

After a closed-door meeting, the board of commissioners of the Port Authority of NJ and NY, came out to address a lively, public audience at 4 WTC.

After disagreeing on the subject last month, the panel voted to unanimously, Thursday, replace the aging terminal. 

Construction for this project is expected to take 11 to 15 years and cost between $7 billion and $10 billion.

“This is an unbelievably complicated project construction being done at the crossroads of the world. The largest infrastructure project ever done in the United States of America, it takes time. I think the time has served the project well,” PANJNY Executive Director, Patrick Foye said.

The new bus terminal is tentatively going to be one block west from where it stands now.

The Port Authority has also opened up an international design competition for firms around the world to send, in their ideas for the new bus terminal.

The board stated that they make their decision and announce the design by Sept. 2016, which gives people less than a year to come up with something.