Professor walks 6,048 miles in NY

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CUNY Sociology Professor, William Helmreich, has walked a total of 6,048 miles, consisting of every street throughout every borough of New York.

“In every section in New York there’s a story,” Helmreich stated.

It began as a childhood game that later it turned into a four year challenge.

Helmreich documented his experience ultimately resulting in the book titled, “The New York Nobody Knows: Walking 6,000 Miles in The City”.

“You want to study New York City, you have to do it in the morning, you have to do it in the evening, you have to do on the weekends, you have to do it during the week, you have to do it in the summer, you have to do it in the winter, because the city changes,” Helmreich explained.

It’s a walk that went beyond the highlights and scenery of NY, introducing you to people on every corner in several neighborhoods.

Helmreichs walk may be over, but his journey certainly isn’t.

In fact, he is working on a second book that will feature an in-depth walk around Brooklyn.

“Happiness comes from within, not without. It doesn’t come from fame or recognition. It comes from you generally enjoying what you do inside, and if you do then you don’t need any praise, you don’t need to impress people, you don’t need to do any of that stuff,” Helmreich stated.