Proposed route of NJ gas pipeline leave residents upset

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Central Jersey residents are upset about a proposed Southern Reliability Link natural gas pipeline that they say would be in their front yards. 

The project is a 30-mile, high pressure, natural gas pipeline that would begin in Chesterfield Township and traverse three counties before connecting with the utility's transmission system in Ocean County.

Opponents say the proposed route is too close for comfort to their homes. 

Dawn Sheridan of Chesterfield said she is deeply concerned about her home, which is within a 100 feet of the proposed pipeline route. "It is a safety concern for not only the individual but the community at large," she said.

Assemblyman Ronald Dancer (R-12th District) said this pipeline is of particular concern because it is three times the pressure recommended by the BPU.

Dancer said there are 141 homes and business that are within the recommended 100-foot safety regulation.

He said the Southern Reliability Link is able to go around this regulation by getting a waiver. His bill will take the existing regulation and make it law.