Rat complaints rise in NYC

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Every year, Fall temperatures have rats moving from the cool outdoors into the comfort of our homes, but this year it's worse than ever. 

Rat complaints are soaring in New York and exterminators are constantly on the hunt.

"I can tell you as far as rats are concerned, we're up 30 percent and mice, 20 percent," said Jim Skinner, owner of A&C Pest Management.

Based in East Meadow, NY, A&C is one of the leaders in pest control, traveling as far as Texas to catch some unwanted visitors. 

But, instead of rat traps and bait, the company uses dogs to sniff out the enemy.

"The K-9 doesn't think it's going to work.  It's going to play.  So, all day long when it's working it's having fun because it's playing with its handler."

The dogs have the ability to track down the enemy faster and more successfully than traditional pest control methods, Skinner said.

His dog can track down a rat in an office within 20 minutes, compared to the 36-hour time period of traps and bait.

Meanwhile, NYC has its own plan to tackle its rat problem. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio will invest $3 million under a new plan, targeting rat colonies set up in sewers, parks and subways.