Rats near food preparations shutters Chinatown restaurant

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Take a look at this picture, what you see is an overhead shot of food being prepared in an alley. Look closer though and you'll spot a giant rat right next to the food preparation station.

That snap of Prosperity Dumpling here in Chinatown was taken and submitted anonymously to Gothamist Aug. 26 (For more coverage visit: http://gothamist.com/tags/prosperitydumpling).

By Aug. 27 the restaurant had been closed down for an unspecified amount of time.

“I’m pretty bummed out its closing down, I really love Prosperity Dumplings and it’s probably the place I frequent the most in Chinatown,” Prosperity customer, Eli Fox, stated.

This place started like any other mom and pop shop but with offers like 50 pork and chive dumplings for $9 its popularity soon skyrocketed.

In fact, just back in May there were articles documenting how everyone from Wall Street guys to East Village types were lining up.

Now the location is shuttered as the New York Health Department investigates.

In the meantime, the conversation continues on the streets of NYC with some horrified and some shrugging it off as typical New York, not so surprised.

Keep in mind that the NY Health department did issue them a very serious notice about having cockroaches around food preparations not too long ago.